Next Generation – Expending Our Horizons

Erasmus+ KA1 – Youth mobility

Project reference:
Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel (AT)
9 months (01/01/2018 – 30/09/2018)

The project “Next generation – expending our horizons” wants to create a widespread insight about the program Erasmus+ and the topic youth exchanges for young and curious youth workers. We want to provide our participants with various methods to be well prepared for planning and realizing their own youth exchanges.
Youth work is an important topic for all organization. We try to enhance and develop our actions and methods to fulfill the needs of the youths. Therefore you need a suitable area for the exchange of the project staff to carry on their competences and train new associates.
Our most important goal is to give our participants the space and freedom to practice the newly learned themselves. Learning by doing is going to be an important thing throughout the whole week

The activities reach from the theoretical structure of an youth exchange, outdoor education, first-aid training, how to workshop, opportunity of participation for youths, night games and there also will be a “Self-organized-day” at which the whole day will be planned of small groups, executed and reflected afterwards.

32 Youth Workers

2+2 Asociacion (ES)
Stowarzyszenie Oswiatowe “Sowa” (PL)
Asociatia Yellow Shirts (RO)
Bedekovcanska Udruga Mladih (HR)
Achaiko Instituto Ekpedefsis Enilikon (EL)
Vsl Inceptus (LI)