what we do

08 May
Participatory Project Design

We work to develop effective projects always responding to real needs shared among our partners, but which fully match nonetheless the priorities of the funded programme we are addressing.

We build transnational partnerships capable of activating mutual synergies and enhancing each partner’s experience. We do not limit ourselves to the act of building these partnerships, instead we take care of them for the whole duration of the project, and guarantee the sustainability of OUR NETWORK, always looking for new collaborations.
We carefully plan the strategic and financial approach of our proposals, develop the work plan and always set up all necessary management tools to ensure the success of our projects, including the budget. We prepare the communication and promotion plan of our projects bearing in mind the target groups we want to reach, setting up specific activities and occasions for them to get involved, also through the use of digital channels.
We follow the whole application process, completing and reviewing every form, thoroughly checking both the contents and the formal documentation, until the final submission is achieved by the set deadline. If the project proposal is approved, we also follow all necessary negotiations and kick off activities with the relevant Programme Managing Authorities.
07 May
Project Management

We manage activities implementation and costs reporting for all the projects in which we participate as leader or partner.

We manage the entire lifecycle of our projects and guarantee their implementation in line with the planned contents and schedule. When required, we carry out specific supervision activities in close collaboration with project partners.
We coordinate project activities among partners according to the principle of mutual cooperation, encouraging responsibility sharing, developing personal relationships among partners and ensuring a balanced distribution of roles and activities assigned.
We constantly monitor the quality of the outcomes and achievements together with our partners. We organise shared moments of evaluation before, during and after carrying out project activities, so we can learn from our mistakes and improve future performances.
We report all the activities incurred in our projects as well as all relevant costs by preparing the required reports for the Managing Authority and produce the formal documentation required by the programme regulations. When necessary, we carry out specific technical assistance activities in close collaboration with project partners.
06 May

We are an official Training Provider recognised by the Marche regional Authority and we are expert in the design and planning of ESF funded European training projects.

We regularly collaborate with the Liceo Classico G. Leopardi of Macerata and Inlingua Ancona for the promotion and implementation of “English 4U” training programmes aimed at the diffusion of the English language in higher education institutions throughout the Region. Moreover, we organise the consequent mobility experiences abroad for deserving students who obtain the regional scholarship.
Together with the Associazione Teatro Giovani Teatro Pirata, we have contributed to the project design and implementation of an Italian L2 training programme for foreign students who weren’t born in Italy and to the SIPARIO BIS-BIS project, aimed at providing specific training for professionals in the performing arts field of the Marche Region.
And that’s not all!
Along with private companies who are interested in developing their human capital, we set up specific training programmes financed by Inter-professional Funds, also dealing with the financial reporting aspect. We also organise participatory project design seminars and management and financial reporting workshops for European funded projects, together with private companies, public bodies, educational institutions, professional and trade associations, foundations and not for profit organisations.
05 May
Awareness Raising

We support active citizenship, which is why we promote the knowledge of European policies and facilitate access to information regarding all major funding programmes through online events and campaigns.

We cooperate with the Consorzio Marche Spettacolo to facilitate the access to European opportunities by the regional cultural and creative sector. We create fortnightly newsletters for strategic orientation among the various opportunities offered by the European Union; we also organize Info days and workshops to explain what the trends of EU policies are and update operators on the specifics of relevant funding programmes.
We organise awareness raising events together with local high education Institutions to promote youth mobility initiatives put forth by the European Union. We regularly participate in the Erasmusdays and in the EU Vocational Skills Week by organising, together with the students who take part in our projects, events target to young people.