Participatory Project Design


We work to develop effective projects always responding to real needs shared among our partners, but which fully match nonetheless the priorities of the funded programme we are addressing.

We build transnational partnerships capable of activating mutual synergies and enhancing each partner’s experience. We do not limit ourselves to the act of building these partnerships, instead we take care of them for the whole duration of the project, and guarantee the sustainability of OUR NETWORK, always looking for new collaborations.
We carefully plan the strategic and financial approach of our proposals, develop the work plan and always set up all necessary management tools to ensure the success of our projects, including the budget. We prepare the communication and promotion plan of our projects bearing in mind the target groups we want to reach, setting up specific activities and occasions for them to get involved, also through the use of digital channels.
We follow the whole application process, completing and reviewing every form, thoroughly checking both the contents and the formal documentation, until the final submission is achieved by the set deadline. If the project proposal is approved, we also follow all necessary negotiations and kick off activities with the relevant Programme Managing Authorities.