YE Human Rights Club

Erasmus+ KA1 – Youth mobility

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Lead partner:
Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel (AT)
12 months  (01/05/2018 – 30/04/2019)

The human rights club – with this topic we succeeded to encourage young people of different heritage, social backgrounds political and sexual orientation to exchange experiences, take other points of view and making a further step towards the creation and awareness of human rights. We edited our topic through research and multimedia-groups as well as various non formal methods.

8 different countries with 6 youths each guided by a teamer exchanged their thoughts and ideas for 2 weeks. One participant from each delegation should have participated as a trainee and their goal was to design a schedule for the whole day. With the support of the teamers they planned and guided workshops for a whole day. They had the chance to try new methods, create new ideas and step out of their comfort zone.
Main goal at this youth exchange was to deal with the education of human rights. We cared about the youths to stand up for themselves and provided them with methods and tools to state their opinions more efficiently and versatile.

The activities reached from different media groups (Picture/video, social media, acting, print), outdoor methods, team building activities, warm-ups, reflection rounds, a cultural day to a soon to be teamer day

48 teenagers
8 Youth Workers (group leaders)

Achaiko Instituto Ekpedefsis Enilikon (EL)
Stowarzyszenie Oswiatowe “Sowa” (PL)
Europski Put
County Limerick Youth Theatre (IE)
Diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome (BG)
Non-formal learning club “WE” (LI)