“A summer Academy about Solidarity and democracy”

Erasmus+ KA1 – Youth mobility

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Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel (AT)
9 months (01/05/2017 – 31/01/2018)

56 Young people including the leaders from nine different European countries met in the Mühl-fun-viertel in Upper Austria’s Klaffer from 19.08.-02.09.2017 to work together with the means of aesthetic research on the important European issues of democracy and solidarity. After an introduction to the topic as well as the methods of aesthetic research, the participants worked in three different groups on the topic with means of the performing arts, the visual art and the sculptural art.

The aesthetic research was divided into three stages: 1) collecting questions, 2) working on the questions and 3) presenting the findings. In the theatrical working group of the performing arts scenes were mainly developed on the subject, which were finally put together to an overall performance. This was the presentation of the collection of basic ideas on solidarity and democracy. The group of visual-visual arts works with the stylistic devices of shadow theater and photography on the subject matter, and the group of sculptural art develops a letter installation on the topic, as well as living human sculptures. All these presentations of the findings from the work with the topics were presented to the overall plenum on the final performance day and offered for reflection and discussion.
Every single day started with a group-building warm-up and ended with a shared reflection on the day’s events. In addition, a reflection meeting was held daily with the heads of the delegations to explore the mood and learning progress of each group and to ensure that problems that arose were resolved quickly and efficiently.

48 young people
8 Youth Workers (group leaders)

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