Let’s talk about it: Sexuality, Gender & Culture

Erasmus+ KA1 – Youth mobility

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Lead partner:
Kinderfreunde Mühlviertel (AT)
11 months (01/08/2018 al 30/06/2019)

From 2nd to 10th of November 2018 the seminar “Sexuality, Gender and Culture” was conducted in Mühlfunviertel in Klaffer/Hochficht. Participants from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Greece, Turkey and Austria have examined this topic and worked on it both from a theoretical side and by means of aesthetic research too. The participants hade very different backgrounds and so a very heterogenous group was formed – for the benefit of a deep discussion. The differences of context made it possible, that the topic has been locked at from various points of view, which was an enrichment for the discussions.

In detail the following themes have been worked on:
– the medical/biological basics of sexing, intersexuality and transgender, sexual identiy;
– the influence of cultures and of milieus on the concept of gender, the construction of the differentiation of masculine and feminine;
– stereotypes about genders and prejudices, hetero-, homo- and bisexuality;
– sexual harassment in daily life (“catcalling”), sexual motivated violence;
– different forms of feminism and men’s issues.

The topics have been worked in small-groups as well as in the whole group. Within the whole group there have been the theoretical inputs and the summaries of the outcomes of the work within the small-groups. Work within the small-groups aimed on the more detailed work on the topics, on the reflection about daily-life issues and about self-reflection regarding the topics.
The aesthetic exploration and research-work has been one of the most important issues. For that, practical artistic inputs have been provided, so that the methods could have been executed successfully. The daily topics have been explored by using the different kinds of artistic work. The results have been presented by performances and exhibitions. Theatre, poetry slam, photography and installations have been done, for to come closer to the topics with regards to contents, to emotions and by reflection.
Every single day was started by group-dynamics exercises, for to build up a good working-atmosphere, that especially has been needed for to work on these very personal themes. The closing of the day always was done within reflection- and feedbackgroups, who reflected the work, that has been done every day. The summaries have been provided to the whole group.

24 Youth Workers

Guc Kosullardaki Bireyleri Destekleme Dernegi (TU)
Joetz Vzw (PL)
Astiki Mi Kerdoskopiki Etaireia Kentro Neon Ipeirou (EL)
Fundacja Dobra Wola (PL)
Associacao Check-In – Cooperacao E Desenvolvimento (PT)
2+2 Asociacion (ES)
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Asociacija “Jaunimo laisvalaikis” (LT)